Introducing our Community to our Clients

Introducing our Community to our Clients

Apr 2022

Viona is not your average conservative HR consultant. She prides herself on being down to earth and honest. Her main goal when working with a client is to keep things super simple and to teach rather than tell.

Viona Young Consulting is the antithesis to standard consulting agencies. ‘Owning the Disruption’, ‘Shaking it Up’, ‘No-BS consulting’ are some of Viona’s catch-cries, in line with her commitment to making a difference by engaging with business owners to establish ground-breaking, real operational change.

Navigating team members’ return-to-the-office after years of remote working and rebuilding a culture that connects head-on with every team member is more critical than ever. Viona can work with you do this effectively. Or if it’s more 1:1 you’re in need of – think Executive Coaching, Career Coaching or Coaching for HR Professionals, Viona is your woman.

Viona has generously put together some amazing offers, exclusively for our WebOracle community, of 1:1 Sessions covering a variety of key business areas. For more info, please contact Viona directly.

Congratulations, Viona, on shaking up what has until recently, been a very traditional landscape. We can’t wait to see you continuing to help create individuals and organisations with a powerful edge, cutting through all the ceilings.


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