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Good Web Development

Just as important as the Web Design process, Web Development can make or break the performance of a well-designed Website. There are many things you need to take into consideration to ensure your Website out-performs your competitors.

We specialise in both WordPress and Magento 2 Web Development.

Good Web Development is based on a process that ensures a “Functionality Set List” has been identified prior to the commencement of any works. This will include identifying functionality like eCommerce, Newsletters, Database Builders, Email Submission Forms, Internal Portals, Private Client Login Pages, Merchant Facilities.

Best Practice Web Development

WebOracle’s best practice Web Development processes will set your Website up for any future marketing activity if it has been designed and correctly structured. This means creating a hierarchy of information in the Frontend as well as the Backend of your Website to include information like Meta and Title Tag Descriptions for all your individual pages so they can be picked up by Google. In laymen’s terms – this means when potential customers search for your product or service using keywords, your website will appear at the top of Google search results, not the bottom.

It is also very important at this stage to ensure all of the correct processes are followed as Backend housekeeping items are what many Websites are missing when going live. When it comes to Web Development you do get what you pay for, so choosing WebOracle means you will be teaming up with an Australian company with proven results and a solid reputation to ensure your ongoing business success.

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Mobile Web Development

Mobile Web Development is a critical component to successful Web Development. Progressive advancement has meant we now build using a methodology that begins with building a basic Mobile Web Design with the essential Functionality Set List and build out to Tablet then Desktop as a full blow Web Development.

Mobile First Design equals Content First. WebOracle will ensure your Mobile Web Development has been correctly implemented to your design, which means your visitors will have a great User Experience and will most likely visit your Tablet and Desktop version in the future.

As always, Wire Framing is highly recommended to ensure the most efficient structure and layout have been used. Ensuring a hierarchy of information is created is equally as important for Mobile Development. Important considerations include enlarging your Touch Targets as your visitors are using fingers and not a mouse; avoiding larger graphics as they can take up too much of the screen; and finally testing all the Functionality to ensure your site is working correctly and that all elements are smooth and transition from one page to the next without error.

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Responsive Web Development

Responsive Web Development is an approach WebOracle always employs when developing a Responsive Website. Making sure your Website has the ability to resize automatically to various devices is critical to a great User Experience. Your customer will certainly notice the difference especially if you are in a service industry and they are looking for something to appear quickly and correctly on screen.

Google also requests that all Websites be Responsive as part of their requirements. Remember, Google is a Website just like any other, and they want to ensure that all their visitors are being provided the best User Experience possible, so this is why they will always index a Responsive Web Design over one that’s not.

By applying best practices when creating a Responsive Web Development ensures your Website gets the best chance at being seen and sets it up for a great Online Marketing Campaign moving forward.

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