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WebOracle is an experienced Magento Design and Development Agency in South Melbourne, Victoria.

We understand that finding a good agency for your existing Magento website can be difficult. Many of our clients have engaged a local agency only to find out their development work has been done off-shore, totally defeating the purpose of engaging a local provider. WebOracle provides all of our clients with market-leading, efficient, local development solutions.

With over 17 years of experience in the digital space, our experience and expertise in both Magento and WordPress website design and development cement and solidify our position as the brand behind the online brands.

Throughout your journey with us, the WebOracle team dedicates the time required to fully grasp, understand and identify your business objectives and requirements, in order to create and coordinate tailored, strategic digital solutions specific to your
online goals.

Proudly Australian owned and operated, we do everything in house, and our
dedicated local team are on hand to assist with personalised service,
support and solutions from our office in South Melbourne.

Magento 2 Website Development

Magento 2 is one of the most powerful eCommerce platforms around and is ideal for big eCommerce websites

Our team of Magento specialists can work with your current Magento site,
migrate your old Magento 1 website to Magento 2 or make you a new one from scratch!

One of the most popular open-source
eCommerce platforms on the market,
Magento 2 is versatile, fast and easy
to use. Our team’s experience with
Magento 2 Website Development makes
us the ideal choice for the growth of your
business and online presence.

Simple yet flexible, choosing Magento 2’s
innovative, avant-garde yet user-friendly
and adaptable software to design, develop
and build your Website will solidify
the online credibility and authority of
your brand, as well as helping your
business grow.

Enhance your online presence with
an advanced customer-facing user
experience, and ensure you are
capturing quality leads and reaching
your business objectives through
your slick new Magento 2 Website.

Magento 2 Web Design

The brand behind the online brands, WebOracle’s experience and expertise in Magento 2 Web Design makes us the ideal choice for businesses of any size.

With over 17 years’ experience developing market-leading, big business IT and digital solutions for large, Tier 1 companies, we are now offering our services to businesses of all sizes, allowing your business to benefit from and take advantage of our superior knowledge and expertise in Web Design.

Our comprehensive Web Design strategy and processes ensure we are successfully capturing and conveying the essence of your brand by highlighting your unique brand story,as well as the central elements and characteristics that make up your brand identity.

These elements include;

Brand name


Tone of Voice
Communication Strategy

These work together to create and shape the way your business as a
whole is portrayed to and perceived by customers.

Our holistic Web Design solutions also work to equip business owners with strategic
guidelines specific to your online goals – such as creating a brand style guide that
focuses on tone, business-relevant keywords, and communication messaging strategies.

Magento Hosting Melbourne

Most of our clients move their Magento web hosting to WebOracle as it makes development and web security easier and more efficient.

If we don’t have to spend hours of back and forth talking to tech support at another company, it means we can solve issues faster, which saves our clients time, stress and money. Our servers are also situated in South Melbourne at one of the best server places in the country.

Importantly, WebOracle is the only Australian owned and operated global digital agency offering local tech support – ensuring you do not waste precious time due to IT-related disruptions and outages.

We own and house our own web servers in Australia, meaning improved security for our clients; as well as offering Local Phone Support, Email Outage Support, and 24/7 Online Tech Support.

SEO for Magento Websites

We offer both on-page SEO and link building services tailored to Magento
websites. This includes speed optimisation, content optimisation and creation,
rewriting product descriptions to make them unique and everything else you
would expect from an SEO provider.

Our SEO service offerings include

– Which involves optimising your Website’s backend technical
specifications to ensure they meet Search Engine expectations,
in order to be optimally displayed within SERP rankings.

Your Success

As the central and perhaps most crucial element which determines, shapes and influences your Website’s visibility and page ranking success within Search Engine Results Pages; effective, targeted, results-driven SEO strategy is vital to ensuring your Website ranks highly and is clearly visible to prospective customers when they search for the products and services your business offers online.

Whether it’s lead generation, brand awareness for a new business or an SEO strategy to drive conversion, we’ll develop the plan to ensure your success, by drawing on our SEO knowledge and expertise.

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