Website Migration

After you have built or rebuilt your new Website, it is time for it to go live to a Server. WebOracle leads this migration to ensure that everything is working correctly, in preparation for the launch. Our extensive experience designing, building and taking new Websites live means your migration experience from your old Website to launching your new Website will be a seamless, stress-free experience.

As part of our best practice protocols, to ensure there are no migration issues, WebOracle will always take a backup of your previous site. Whilst we have never had to use this backup practice to date, it does mean that if anything unexpected occurs during the migration process, we can quickly revert to your old Website without a lengthy interruption to your service whilst the issue is resolved.

This gives our clients total peace of mind during the migration process, knowing that there won’t be any unexpected surprises or downtime.

There are a few things at play when it comes to Website Migration. If you are building a new Website or updating from old to new, WebOracle will ensure that your previous Websites Google credentials are all moved over to the new Website as this will ensure you keep visible on Google. Once the site has been migrated successfully WebOracle will continue to do further testing to ensure there are no issues in rendering and visibility.

Migration Process

Our Website Migration processes are detailed and comprehensive. This allows us to cover every scenario when conducting your Website Migration to a new or existing Server. Our extensive and transparent process list is detailed below.

Create a list of all the items to be actioned on the day of your Website Migration

Develop an Action Plan for all parties involved in the Migration Process

Set up a staging platform to test your new Website before full migration to going live

Set a Launch date for when you want to go live after testing is complete

Have a list of testing procedures ready

Create a list of enhancements that need to be added to the site after we push it out to go live

Maintain contact with all parties involved to ensure they are also across the launch and expectations are being managed

Start testing everything page by page to ensure all functionality is working correctly

When Testing your Website ensure the following line items have been checked

  • Test Website speed
  • Check all of your image sizes are the correct size and are all named
  • Ensure your content has been optimised with Title and Meta Tag descriptions correctly placed
  • Check to ensure it is Mobile Responsive and resizing correctly across all devices
  • Ensure your Website is rendering across all browsers and devises correctly
  • Ensure your Website is rendering across all browsers and devises correctly
  • Check your forms and popups are all correctly displaying
  • Double check your content for errors
  • Check formatting is correctly presented

Make sure your XML sitemap is ready for Google to help index

Make sure your Website with an SSL certificate is secured

Ensure your Google Credentials and Google My Business are set up correctly

Set up filters to exclude traffic from your office or place of business so you can accurately track your visitors

Conduct a load test to ensure your site does not go down

Review your change to ensure they are completed and then Launch

Once the above line items have been actioned, WebOracle will then confidently go live with your new Website.

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