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Clients often ask us ‘How can better Web Design really convert my visitors to buyers quickly?’.


The answer is simple: Web Design is responsible for 95% of visitors first impressions of your business Website, and on-point design can help you attract qualified leads and convert sales quickly.

Creating a Website today goes far beyond simply pulling images from Shutterstock, and picking a design template with the expectation that it’s going to start generating business quickly. WebOracle has spent decades designing Websites that are visually engaging, easy to navigate and filled with concise, relevant content throughout. All of these elements are achieved through strategic Web Design.

WebOracle is at the forefront of helping all Online Businesses in Melbourne push the creative boundaries when it comes to Web Design, and are focused on providing our clients with a Website solution that delivers your customers an easy, free-flowing experience that is aesthetically pleasing with compelling content that leads them directly to a standout Call-To-Action (CTA), driving them to purchase your product or engage with your service.

If you want to convert your Website visitors to purchasers quickly, you need to be sure your Web Design is as strategic, creative and compelling as possible. If it isn’t, then you can be confident your potential customers will choose one of your competitors.

What Makes a good
Website Web Design?

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Imagery is incredibly important to your visitors. They want to see something unique and photographed well before they engage. Hiring a photographer is an essential business investment when you consider the return on investment through the conversion of visitors to buyers. This element of Web Design is about creating visual continuity in a series of photographs, that complement your Brand and market position. Beautiful, professional imagery is used to set and meet your customers’ expectations of your product or service. There’s no point having the market-leading product or service, but unprofessional imagery on your website.

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Having strong Brand Equity and differentiation will separate you from your competition and stay in your buyer’s mind. Making sure your business has a strong sense of commercial value and solid branding will ensure your business is embedded in the minds of your existing and future buyers, and is an invaluable asset to the sustainability of your business growth.

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Writing unique and compelling content will help guide your visitors to easily understand your Unique Service Proposition (USP). Starting with larger Explanation Title Headers that lead to Medium, then down to the average font size, and reading from left to right with on-point, and creative content will help guide your buyer to engage your service or product.

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Video content is already gaining massive momentum in effective digital communication. And in the next five years, Video content will be a huge part of market-leading Web Design Practice. With so many Websites remaining so content-heavy, Video is a great way to quickly and effectively communicate your offering to your audience without them having to read through large paragraphs of content themselves.

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White Space

Don’t be afraid to use it. Creating grid-based Web Designs are also an important element to help lead your visitors’ eyes to your Call-To-Action (CTA). By breaking up your pages neatly using lots of White Space, it will separate your content from your images and help reduce Visitor fatigue.

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User Experience (UX)

UX is an essential part of best practice when it comes to Web Design. Creating a hierarchy whereby all of your important information set is correctly positioned and titled will help users easily navigate throughout your Website.

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Responsive Web Design

From Desktop, Tablet to Handset, Responsive Web Design is critical to your businesses Website in ensuring it renders correctly, so your Visitors get the same User Experience across all devices. This is especially true when it comes to Handset – using a Grid Design to help guide the eye and structure the content hierarchy is important in Responsive Web Design.

Mobile Web Design

As technology continues to evolve, more and more people are turning to their Mobile phones for a content-rich experience. Mobile phones have become more interactive, and easier to use, providing the consumer with a plethora of information in the one spot while they are on the go.

Mobile Web Design has had to adapt quickly to keep up with the likes of iOS and Android Mobile devices to ensure their work is displaying correctly in accordance with the requirements set by the Google Mobilegeddon update. This update changed the way Web Designers looked at Mobile Web Design.

Mobile Web Designers pivoted quickly to create what we now call Mobile First Design, which starts off by creating your new Mobile Web Design layout first. When you consider over 85% of all internet users are on their Mobile, it easy to see why you would start with the Mobile Web Design first.

Recent research revealed that 75% of all pre-purchase decisions are made through a Mobile device, and 55% of all transactions are all made on a handset or Mobile device.

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