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Vinyl Council of Australia

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The Vinyl Council of Australia is a members’ platform-based organisation representing the Australian PVC and/or Vinyl industries, and the ostensible range of related products. Working toward sustainability of the PVC Industries and sharing information to help all stakeholders across the country, and advocating responsible use of PVC products and life cycles, the Vinyl Council ensures all of their members are well informed and educated about the PVC and/or Vinyl industry.

VCA approached WebOracle with their original Website designs, provided by their in-house design team. We were requested to provide a series of Website functionalities that were very bespoke in nature. This consisted of a member’s only portal which every member could be provided industry specific content on a regular basis via the Content Management System. Live feeds that again are client specific, individual secure pages for all members whereby they can communicate with the association in real-time via a backend live chat.

Once the site was built out we on our Refresh and Reposition Package, we began to load the Website to our secure server, then tested the site to ensure Google Compliancy and placed them on our IT Tech Support Package (SOTS).

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