4C the steps to success

Follow these steps for your business

Step 1: Clarify


Business Goals
Web Strategy
Content Plan
Search Marketing Strategy
Scope Document
Delivery Roadmap




All success stories start with a plan. The more clear your destination, the better we can build a strategy to get there. We understand that a website or digital marketing campaign cannot live in isolation from your business.

It must be designed to fulfil your company goals and be the frontline experience that hooks your viewers and drives them to explore your business further.

Step 2: Create


User Experience Design
Web Design
E-Commerece Design
Custom Builds
Content Generation
App Development
API and plug-in integration




Now it is time to bring your plan to life. From creative designs to back end development, Web Oracle have the skills and experience to deliver world-class solutions, so your website will look great and work properly.

We understand that todays online user wants to find information quickly and easily.

Step 3: Connect


Search Marketing
Link Strategy
Content Generation
Social Media
eDM and Communications
Web Advertising




Once your platform is built, customers need to see it. But how will they find you?

Web Oracle have over 15 years of experience getting sites found online. Starting with your website, we ensure on-page settings are optimised to gain as much authority as possible with Google. Search marketing is also an important component, aligning your content with your social media activity and blogs with a careful keyword and link strategy.

Step 4: Convert


Website Analytics
Landing Pages
Keyword Tracking
Competitor Analysis




At the end of the day, we need your customers to take action. That may be making a purchase, booking an appointment or giving you a call.

Throughout this journey we have established a strong foundation to support customer conversion through great design and user experience, compelling content and strong awareness in market. We can then see through analytics the current success of the strategy and how to make it stronger.

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