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As one of our original and much respected clients, Enoteca Sileno began their digital journey with us back in 2006. We built their first website ever which was an eCommerce platform, The success of this initial collaboration gave them confidence in WebOracle as the right partner with the ability to help them continue to grow online. As technologies changed and their business evolved and grew, it became evident it was time to rebuild their Website, which would take them into their next stage of business growth.

Our ongoing working relationship with Enoteca has been nothing short of what we call ‘a dream’. They have full trust in us to deliver, and we love working with them to turn their dreams into a commercial reality.

In 2018 we met to discuss their newest brief based, which detailed their business goals for the next ten years. We were asked to build a Website that was more automated, and included other touch-points of their business, such as a private wholesale section for all their clients that had wet tax, which was important for the wholesale team. This needed to plug directly in to their new invoicing system software to ensure individual client could be invoiced automatically based on their individual pricing brackets. We also added automated tax generation invoicing that allowed their Accounts team to directly access the backend inventory control system and reconcile payment, efficiently.

WebOracle’s online solution allowed their business to become more streamlined and incredibly cost-effective. Along with these and other ground breaking additional features, we designed and built the site according to their very bespoke and unique requirements.

As an ongoing WebOracle client, Enoteca Sileno enjoy our 24/7 IT Tech support. This has allowed them to work on the growth of their business while we take care of all things digital.

The Website is now one of the largest boutique suppliers of food in the country, providing Imported fine Italian Wines, a Cooking School with featured calendar plugin allowing clients to register and pay online, Wholesale and distribution functionality that is plugged into their existing POS system that the accounts team can easily access. We think it kind of looks pretty good too!

More importantly, it has grown from a humble eCommerce website to a profitable business tool with many touch-points for the company!

Enoteca Sileno is a great example of how we work hard to help improve a company’s ability to grow online successfully.

If you are looking to rebuild your existing eCommerce platform and grow you online business, then Contact Us for more examples and information on how we can help you achieve trackable growth and success.

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