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What Apple is to Tech, SolaX is to solar converters and energy storage. As one of the first pioneers in the commercial solar, and energy supply market, SolaX has built a large global market share with their full unique range of products. In conjunction with their lead-agency, they originally approached WebOracle to help develop and strong product and brand presence throughout Australasia.

This was to be delivered through a strong website presence and Google Compliance methodology. This meant, we mapped out each of their product pages and carefully created an online marketing strategy for each of their products to ensure strong online traction. We worked closely with SolaX and their agency on the UX of their site and helped in sourcing the right technology to integrate to their existing global based website configuration. This was especially tricky given their head quarters was in Shanghai China.

We were also charged with the task of creating a 3D technical video, which was produced in multiple languages, to help introduce the product globally throughout their various industry-marketing channels. We are pleased to say the video is still being used in multiple countries to this day. SolaX has grown to become the 5th largest Energy Inverter provider in the world, and we are pleased to say the relationship between our two companies continues.

If your company is looking for a full service agency that can help with anything from big data migration, 3D Technical Video, through to complex third-party API and web design integration, contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve your online goals.


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