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As Melbcon grew they developed a need to communicate more efficiently with their supply chain of contractors and other potential work partners. We were provided a brief with a list of requirements – Using their style guide; we set about mapping their workflow and User experience processes. We provided a new look and feel for their new website, along with functionality solutions which included the implementation of a custom built Tender Document Upload Application Module that catered for their tender process, and which would also solve the problem of paper submitted applications.

The application also provides a list of current projects that contract can submit documentation too, and apply or send through required information through. Using Agile methodology that incorporated Java scripting we were able to deliver this component directly to the site as a custom solution.

As one of Australia’s premier commercial construction companies,
Melbcon have built a large number of Government projects in the education,
community hub, aged care, sporting and other commercial building sectors.

In addition, we also worked very closely with Melbcon to create a strong Google presence by way of our Google Compliance implementation process to ensure they received the right kind traffic to their website. This was especially important given they are not a domestic provider and needed to attract the right type of visitor. The partnership with Melbcon continues, with the ongoing IT support to ensure they stay on track.

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