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Konnect supplies, fastening equipment and tools for Australian and New Zealand construction, building and mining industries. With stores nationwide and thousands of products, it is important for the sales teams and customers to have ready access to safety and technical data.As part of a three-stage process, WebOracle was engaged to help provide a clear path for Konnects complex digital platform throughout Australasian and New Zealand.

User Experience was the centralized focus of this site along with an improved design. When we began developing a new digital experience, we developed an information hierarchy that channeled key industries through to their primary ranges and products. This made an easy and intuitive user experience to zero in on the products most relevant to their industries.

All products linked seamlessly to all their catalogues, technical and safety information and certificates. A custom certificate search engine allows quick access to product data that is vital when designing and building large projects.

As well as product information, the site has been designed to showcase new products, promotions and articles that are vital for marketing as well as helping improve search engine results.

The Konnect site shows that a site that relies on highly technical and specialized information can also be visually exciting and smooth to navigate.

The final stage of the new website launch, we provided a full Google compliance across all their stores globally.

The next stage for Konnect digital rollout, is to integrate the Artificial Intelligence program to further help with logistics and pricing bundles for clients and Konnect alike. The site is also currently retrieving all information from their Oracle database via a staging server which has also been integrated to ensure smooth big data uploads and push outs.

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