Investing in Market Research to give you the best

Investing in Market Research to give you the best

April 2019

Key Results & Findings – Australian Small Business IT Market Research


After years hearing about small Australian businesses ongoing frustrations finding a reliable end-to-end IT service provider, in April 2019 WebOracle commissioned Glow Research to conduct market research into this area to better understand the key issues experienced by small businesses with regards to their IT needs.

The research results were staggering, and this summary report highlights the key findings from this research.

Research Overview Sample size: 200 Australian small business owners employing between 1-30 people.
Questionnaire: An online questionnaire comprising of a mixture of 22 quantitative and qualitative questions.
Age of Respondents: 25 – 54 years old.
Date of survey: April 2019.


Headline Findings
• One in five Australian small businesses waste nearly up to five working weeks annually due to IT disruptions.

• The research surveyed more than 200 Australian small business operators and owners aged between 25 and 54 on the most common IT woes and the impact on business operations.

• Delayed response time (54.5%), lack of technical skill (27.3%) and lack of prioritisation for customers (21.8%) are the most common pain points faced by Australian small businesses when dealing with their IT solutions provider.

• Additionally, nearly one in five (18.2%) Australian small business owners claim to not understand their IT team, and nearly one in seven (14.5%) are frustrated because the customer support help desk is not located in Australia.

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