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Given that all business are unique in the way they operate and engage their customers, we believe that your online marketing strategy approach must be unique too. The right online traffic will help build your brand and drive customers to your door.

But how do we get the right online traffic? We follow a methodical based process that begins with understanding what you are trying to achieve, who you customers are and what is going to be the best way to reach them online.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Our strategy is broken up into two areas,
Planning and Implementation

Planning your Online Marketing Campaign

Assessment of you current Website
Assessing the current condition of your website to ensure it is healthy and has the right foundation to build from.

Competitor Analysis
Here we take a good look at your competitors and understand what they do in an attempt to improve our strategy.

Keyword Research
By researching effective keywords will allow us to heavily promote your products and services to your market space.

Intelligence Report
Once all the information above has been collected we will generate a report which will proved us with enough information to take it to the Implementation Process.

Implementation Process

On Page Action Plan
Here we look at ways to improve your website by improving Title Tags, Descriptions, and Meta Keywords. Content is also incredibly important and needs to read well.

Off Page Action Plan
Strategic links and Keywords are also part of our process helping you connect.

Social Action Plan
Not all companies choose to connect with Social media but for the ones that do we can show you how to tie this into your Marketing Campaign.

Investment - $ TBA based on Monthly Budget.

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