Claiming your .AU Domain Name TODAY

Claiming your .AU Domain Name TODAY

Mar 2022

From Thursday 24 March 2022, Australian web addresses will be shorter with the launch of .au domains, allowing people to drop the .com for the first time.

For example, WebOracle’s website address is, however we have registered to buy the Domain Name. This means that anyone who uses either version of the URL will find themselves on our website. This ensures no confusion, or any risk of competitors poaching our visitors and potential clients.

Does this impact me?
If you have a website ending in and can demonstrate you or your business has a connection to Australia (including an ABN), then YES it does.

Why is this update important?
Simple – it’s brand protection for you. If you have competitors who have a similar name or want to confuse your customers, this new update makes it is very easy for them to buy your .au Domain name.

What is the registration process?
If you have a website, then you automatically qualify for the Priority Process. This process has been split into two categories, depending on when you first registered your current Australian domain name.

  • Category 1: Existing Australian domain names registered on or before 4 February 2018
  • Category 2: Existing Australian domain names registered between 4 February 2018 and before 24 March 2022
How can I protect my Brand and Domain Name?
You have two options:
  1. Register and action your .au domain name yourself. Full details here.
  2. WebOracle can arrange it all for you, and redirect your existing website to the shortened .au domain.

If you would like us to help you, please contact our office directly. Please note that our fee for this service is $165.00.

Already a SOTS Client? If you are an existing SOTS client, please note that we are in the process of personally calling you to discuss this information. If you would like to contact us as soon as you’ve read this, please do so.


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