Wireframe Mind Map

A wireframe mind map allows for an organised, efficient and convenient way to simplify a business, it’s elements and content. It is a very important tool that is used in the business development process. We use a wireframe mind map to help us clearly visualise and represent the content and it’s layout in a website design. These types of mind maps are very important in helping a business understand how the framework of their website will look, it’s features and it’s pages and navigation.  A wireframe mind map also helps website designers efficiently match the client’s requirements and minimize the project edits and revisions.  

It also gives website designers the opportunity to look at, and revise the website’s structure and make any changes that may be necessary. It aids in clarifying the development and creative process along with the website and all its elements. It’s in many ways a visual representation of the website’s layout before the finished design is complete and the final content is added.