Wireframe Mind Map

A wireframe mind map allows for an organised, efficient and convenient way to simplify a business, it’s elements and content. It is a very important tool that is used in the business development process. We use a wireframe mind map to help us clearly visualise and represent the content and it’s layout in a website design. These types of mind maps are very important in helping a business understand how the framework of their website will look, it’s features and it’s pages and navigation.  A wireframe mind map also helps website designers efficiently match the client’s requirements and minimize the project edits and revisions.  

It also gives website designers the opportunity to look at, and revise the website’s structure and make any changes that may be necessary. It aids in clarifying the development and creative process along with the website and all its elements. It’s in many ways a visual representation of the website’s layout before the finished design is complete and the final content is added. 

Scoping Document

It’s important that for any paying client, they feel acknowledged and understood. A great way to make sure this is the case is to provide a client with a scoping document that outlines the process or requirements a project must include to inform and clarify to the client the project’s objectives and to establish a common goal and agreement between both parties.  By providing a client with a scoping document, both parties are able to understand the project’s requirements and specifications, as well as work out any boundaries or responsibilities that may help avoid any issues along the way. It also helps to define how the project will be completed and what resources and steps will be required in order for this to occur.

Marketing Strategy

Like every business, marketing is essential. Having a marketing strategy enables a business to make the most appropriate decisions when it comes differentiating itself from the vast amount of businesses out there. Not only this, but a well-structured marketing plan has many other benefits. It allows a company to streamline it products and services to a particular industry or area, helps determine cost effective and suitable economic solutions, and allows a business to effectively develop its brand and website accordingly.

Creating a marketing strategy is a vital step in any given business and helps it to achieve its business objectives. It also enables the brand to develop a clear framework and purpose and look for ways to effectively penetrate the market it belongs in. It also gives the business focus and direction, saves the company valuable resources, and enables it to create strong well aligned initiatives that beat its competitors and allow it to operate at it’s fullest potential.

Content Planning

A content plan is the basic requirement that allows any business to achieve successful results. It’s important that in the process of building a business you establish what type of content you will need and how you will use this content effectively to target your audience. It’s essential that during this process, you create and develop content that aligns with the goals and aspirations of your business. Creating a content plan gives clarity and direction. It enables a business to visualise and structure the content it will create, and how this content will communicate effectively with its audience.

Making sure your plan is clear will give your content structure. Structure is important when it comes to managing where your content will be placed and how it will be viewed and designed. Having a content plan means creating a system that allows access to various marketing channels, optimum engagement and a better understanding of your audience, all with the sole intention of generating results and success for the business. During this process it’s important to think about your content plan in detail, looking at various elements such as, what you want your content to achieve, how can it create leads and generate new business, and most importantly engage customers. It’s critical that whilst you consider these variables, you also research what your competitors are doing and what your audience is looking for, and then evaluate yourself accordingly. This will help you to make the necessary changes and decisions you need, to put yourself above your competitors and develop content that your audience will enjoy.

Web Strategy

As a business, developing a web strategy is crucial. It helps to build the company’s structure and framework. It’s also important because it enables businesses to clearly refine what steps are required if they’re to fully achieve their commercial and economic potential. A web strategy also assists a business by enabling it to identify its capabilities, address its flaws and moderate risks. 

Strategy ensures confidence within a business. It helps a business understand changes in its industry, allows it to adapt, access the impact this change may have and create effective solutions to manage these trends. It’s essential that all businesses understand the affect change can have on them and how to respond appropriately. Not only does it help in sustaining the business, but it also provides it with new opportunities for growth and development in the future.

Project Goal Identification

It’s important that with any business you set goals. Setting goals is a great way to visualise the future of your business and foresee the direction it should take. It’s always important that as a business, you are constantly setting goals to measure the success and development of your company. This process enables you, as the business owner to have perspective and clarity that your business is heading in the right direction.

Setting goals should be a fundamental procedure in any given business. It enables the business to remove any uncertainty; ensuring people make the right decisions and follow the business’ objectives. This allows the business to have structure, create clear and effective solutions and accomplish its goals successfully.