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International Singer Songwriter Alyce Platt engaged WebOracle to visually and sonically communicate her incredible new Album "Funny Little World".

We drew inspiration by listening to Alyce's story and understanding her journey to success.

By way of her name and album title, we were able to draw inspiration and visually communicate these various elements. As you can see there is an image of "Alyce Platt" and the Fish represent the "Fish Collective". Being a solo artist, we also needed to provide her with a strong logo that could be included on the album and showed the playful character of this project.

To build momentum we produced a series of videos which were released via you-tube and other social platforms. These counted down the days before the release to coincide with her live show. This culminated in a sellout show and national press coverage.


Alyce_01 Alyce_04 Alyce_03